Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Kids vs. clock

A casting call has gone out for a kids version of Beat the Clock, taping in LA this September.

There's no word on which network is running the project. I've seen speculation on the game show Interwebs that NBC's renamed Universal Kids will be the outlet for the show, but nobody seems to know for sure.

Even by the standards of the current reboot mania, BtC is a venerable franchise. It dates all the way back to the B&W era: March 23, 1950 on CBS. It's so old, it's older than me by more than a year. Ancient history, friends.

As the Wikipedia link recounts in detail, the show's been through a bunch of rewinds over the decades. "Stop the clock" got to be a catchphrase back in my misspent youth. Beat the Clock looks like an ideal stunt format for kids, especially if they can work green slime into the proceedings.

We'll see what becomes of the project. I'd say it has a reasonable chance for success.


  1. This new version would automatically be better than the Collyer era, right? That's how you act on everything else.

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  4. Some game shows challenge the mind, some are just fun. Beat the Clock is just classic fun, especially when you try to replicate at home. Imagine being a member of the show crew trying the stunts out.

    1. James Dean of 1950s movie fame was supposedly one of the guys who tried out stunts on the original Beat the Clock. It'll be interesting to see what comes of this revival attempt.