Monday, July 3, 2017

Good for my brain

Got a mild surprise today when I plugged "game show" into Google News. This is how I rustle up various tidbits for the faux tweets and sometimes for full entries. Today I learned about an app - called, not too imaginatively, Game Show - which can improve your brain. Honest.

My brain needs all the help it can get, as several commenters on this blog would agree. British scientists designed the app to assist people with early signs of Alzheimer's disease. (Yeah, some commenters would say that I'm well past the early stages myself.)

The researchers worked to make the memory exercise entertaining. They came up with “Game Show,” a memory game that simulated a television game show with cash prizes. Results are strong enough to justify further research.

Maybe the results could justify lots of Jeopardy watching for old people like me. Trying to remember all that trivia might exercise some parts of my cerebral cortex which could use the work.

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