Monday, July 10, 2017


Despite mostly good reviews, including mine, GSN's Emogenius is struggling with the reviewer who literally counts.

The show fell as low as 201K viewers for its latest runs. That's about half of our little game show network's usual prime time average. The demos are still okay for the geriatric GSN, but for whatever reason, the network's audience doesn't seem to cotton to the emoji fest.

Sure, GSN's usual viewers might have only the foggiest as to what an emoji is. The show could be too blatant a demo play to work on the old-skewing, female-skewing GSN. The numbers look particularly bad compared to running mate Idiotest, which got as many as 354K viewers. That's not great, but the demo numbers are terrific for GSN.

A ShowBuzzDaily commenter notes: "I would've thought that Emogenius would have more viewers when paired with Idiotest. Shame. It's inspired madness." I don't know how inspired it is, but it's a good game show and deserves better from the bean counters.

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  1. Guess I better do my laundry. Another point on Emogenius: Hunter March might be a little too boyish for GSN's audience. These are the viewers who liked Chuck Woolery, after all.