Sunday, July 9, 2017


CBS just premiered Candy Crush, and they decided to do some serious promotion.

They assembled four teams of ex-contestants from Big Brother and Survivor. At times I couldn't tell if I was watching a game show or a reality promo. But eventually I got the hang of the crushing antics, even if I heard way too much chatter about the two venerable reality franchises.

The teams romped through various physical stunts as they dangled, ran, hopped, spun, jumped, waved their arms, and yelled...all while playing, yes, Candy Crush on the world's largest (Guinness certified!) touch screens. Everybody sounded like they were on a sugar high (sorry, couldn't resist) including the studio audience and host Mario Lopez. In other words, the volume level was not set at hushed Jeopardy levels. It was more like The Price is Right on permanent roar.

All that said, it was pretty entertaining to watch the teams crush candy all around the studio. There was also a play-along app for Crushaholics at home. Eventually the two, er, surviving teams - they were both from Survivor, wouldn't you know - faced off in the ultimate Crushdown. To spoil the suspense, the team with the bleach blonde won. Bleach works sometimes.

UPDATE: The show turns in decent numbers for summer broadcast. 4.05M viewers and a 1.1 18-49 rating. It won the Sacred Demo in its time slot.


  1. I watched the premiere and it wasn't all that interesting to me. It's basically combining physical Wipeout obstacle course stunts with using large touch screens to match icons, except that unlike Wipeout which was actually funny because of the commentary between the hosts, Candy Crush was ultimately boring. It's just watching people play Candy Crush on bigger screens. And CBS is guaranteeing a $100,000 winner during each episode.

    In fact, I would argue that Beat Shazam is a much better concept of turning an app into a game show. I doubt CBS will renew Candy Crush after this short 10-episode run.

    1. Our opinions don't matter, of course. The Nielsen Company will decide. The debut got okay numbers.

    2. Our opinions don't matter, just the Nielsens. That's a drink.