Friday, July 7, 2017

Bob Barker update?

I'm a little hesitant to post this entry because of its serious nature, and the source story offers only anonymous quotes.

But Bob Barker's recent fall may have been more severe than first reported. Sure, any fall for a 93-year-old is potentially critical, but Radar Online (I know, hardly the most reliable source) is quoting "friends" of the TPiR legend as saying that Bob is getting more and more frail and they're fearful for his health. The site gets a medical doctor - who of course has never treated Mr. Barker - to intone that subdural hematomas can threaten elderly people who suffer head injuries in a fall.

Bob Barker has always seemed the picture of health, but any actuary (like me) can tell you that the survival curve is falling fast at age 93. I hope that Mr. Barker has many more years ahead of him, and that the Radar Online story is too alarmist or just complete hooey. But two falls in two years are not a good sign.


  1. Say it isn't so! He along with Alex Trebek were my favorite all-time hosts. I wish he recovers quickly.

  2. There will NEVER be another Bob Barker. Wish him the very best. When he passes it will be sad. But for this old school game show FREAK, my friends better be near when the Queen of games shows passes....Another One and only Miss Betty White.

    1. I agree. Nobody can match Bob Barker!

      In lighter news, Tic Tac Dough us NEW! NEW! NEW!

  3. My MeMa can't wait for Bob Barker to come through the doors of Heaven's The Price is Right. I hope she has to wait a little while longer, cause we still want him here.