Sunday, July 16, 2017

Behind the crush

I've never cared much about game show sets. They could play Jeopardy in a bare concrete room, and I wouldn't mind. But a site called Newcast Studio, "the trade publication for TV creative pros," offers an interesting story about the massive Candy Crush set.

There's a bit of puffery involved. The linked story tells us that the set involves "some sweet technology, a dash of imagination and a sprinkling of whimsy." The production designer is a guy named John Gilles. The story praises his "two-story castle-like structure built from a slightly rough material that mirrors the look of poured concrete with a hint of sand castle."

Now that I look at it, maybe the set does look a little like a sand castle (see the screenshot). There's much more about every aspect of the set, including the "candy-cane striping" and "layered sculptural walls with integrated accent lighting." Ain't no lighting like integrated accent lighting.

If a show's gameplay stinks, no set can help much. But I like the gameplay on Candy Crush, so I can accept the sand castle.

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