Friday, July 28, 2017

Another greatest list, sort of

An interesting post on BuzzerBlog asked readers: From the 70s to today, what game shows represent the decades best in your opinion?

I don't know why they left out the 50s and 60s, and a lot of readers didn't know, either. Several posted their choices for those two decades, with What's My Line the predictable consensus pick for the fifties. I would go with I've Got a Secret on personal preference and top ten Nielsen ranks in 1955-59, but that's just me.

Dating Game was the somewhat surprising consensus for the sixties, but maybe it really was a swinging decade, after all. To nobody's surprise Match Game won easily for the 1970s. It wins for the entire history of TV game shows, as far as I'm concerned. Press Your Luck got a lot of picks for the 1980s, which is just silly. Wheel of Fortune has to be the choice for the decade when it claimed the number one title among all syndie game shows.

Millionaire sort of straddled the 1990s and 2000s, though its run barely snuck into the nineties. Deal or No Deal also got a lot of notice for the 2000s. And in a decision that will not sit well with several game show boards, Steve Harvey's Family Feud was the consensus choice for the 2010s.

Yes, BuzzerBlog asked for the most representative shows, and not the greatest shows. But a lot of posters probably didn't quibble about the difference. By the way, Facebook bills BuzzerBlog as a "Media/News Company." Impressive.

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  1. Remember, BuzzerBlog loves Steve Feud, so it's no surprise to me that it was for the 2010s. Then again, I can't think of a game show that broke out this decade besides Harvey reviving Feud to its highest ratings ever.

    DOND is a good choice. It was a one of a kind idea that unfortunately went the Millionaire route and got canned because of overexposure. Hopefully NBC brings it back one day.