Friday, June 23, 2017

Wall construction

Variety tells us that The Wall has become something of a franchise.

At least it got a second season. As the linked story says, this is "a rarity in U.S. broadcast — a shiny-floor primetime game show that has earned a second season without being a revival of a classic title." (Since when did "shiny-floor" get to be an often used adjective? I see it all the time now. I'm even starting to use it myself.)

In fact, The Wall returned last night with okay but hardly spectacular numbers, even by the shriveled standards of summertime broadcast. 4.5M viewers and a 1.0 18-49 rating. Sure, anything that doesn't go fractional - another new coinage in show biz speak - in 18-49 is sort of okay nowadays. And The Wall barely managed to avoid that.

Variety notes that the show has spawned several international versions, so no doubt the showrunners are making decent money off the project. One funny line from the story: an exec says The Wall is "an all new, created-from-scratch format." Of course, the show was created from Plinko, but why get persnickety?

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