Thursday, June 29, 2017

Two launch pads

As mentioned in a faux tweet, Snap Decision will launch in August.

Hosted by David Alan Grier, veteran of many game shows including Celebrity Name Game, Hollywood Game Night and Match Game, this comedy gamer sounds like a blend of NBC's short-lived Identity and the much longer-lived syndie Street Smarts. Contestants have to make snap decisions (get it?) about strangers interviewed on the street. They can only go on clues from appearance, clothing, accent, etc.

But enough about the gameplay. I'll review the show when GSN debuts it. The interesting twist is that the project will not be exclusive to our little game show network. It will also run in syndication on twenty Sinclair broadcast stations around the country.

Wikipedia tells me that Sinclair owns a whole bunch of stations, mostly in mid-market cities and towns. (There isn't one in my hometown DFW area, or in most other really big markets.) The double launch is apparently an attempt to guarantee as much exposure as possible for the show.

In the linked press release an exec burbles some sales talk. "We are excited about the prospects of having this show air on both broadcast and cable platforms, and we believe that this unique new model offers multiple opportunities to build the brand." Well, if the show is any good, the double launch might work.

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