Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The word will make you safe

Yet another Brit game show format gets a U.S. version. MTV debuts SafeWord July 13.

As it happens, plenty of the UK show is available on YouTube, so I sampled a few minutes. SafeWord is really more of an improv (?) comedy show than an actual game show, but there's enough gameplay to snuggle this beauty into our genre. (The reason for the question mark is that I suspect more than a bit of scripting for the celeb players.)

Terrence Jenkins, a.k.a. Terrence J, will host and a bunch of the usual MTV suspects will show up as panelists. It looks like insult comedy for millennials, which is also a pretty good description of the Brit original. In fact, one of the UK panelists got into a snit over the mean-spirited format. Maybe MTV can engineer a similar rumpus to bump the ratings.

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  1. The moment you put the words MTV and game show together, I thought of Remote Control. There was a classic (well, to me anyway). :)