Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Running through paradise

Nick's Paradise Run has been a pleasant winner for the network. The show recently wrapped the tapings for its third season.

The locale was the Hilton Waikoloa Village on the big island. The linked story says about 120 people worked on the show, which seems like a lot. But somebody's gotta keep track of all the young'uns scampering around.

Showrunner Scott Stone tried to make sure that the proceedings weren't too disruptive for the hotel and its guests. "We spend a lot of time telling our crew and the kids that we are here at a working hotel, and our job is to make sure that when we leave they feel like they had a good time watching us. If you watch the show, you notice the kids are always saying 'excuse me, coming through, and aloha' because we told the Hilton that we want to be invited back."

Nick has invited the show back for three seasons now, and it's been a profitable stay for all concerned. It's a cute little stunt show, and the kids do seem to enjoy themselves. There's no debut date yet for the third season, but Daniella Monet will host as always.

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