Sunday, June 4, 2017

Party time

An interesting thread on Game Show Forum - yeah, interesting threads happen there now and then - asked whether people like to watch their appearances on game shows. One poster replied: "Maybe it's directly proportional to what you won." Which makes sense. Most people don't want to watch themselves lose.

I see a lot of stories in Google News about watch parties thrown by game show contestants. Generally, the stories are happy ones about winners, as the GSF poster suspected. This example tells about a Georgia couple who relieved The Wall of over a half-million. They had a watch party in their back yard (see screenshot). It was a pleasant occasion, as you might expect.

A lot of watch parties happen in bars, thanks to readily available liquid refreshment. Not only that, sometimes you can play bar trivia after the party's over. If I ever appear on a game show - purely hypothetical, because I have way too much fear of losing - I might buy a round for the house. Even though I never drink any more. I'm just too old for it.

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