Sunday, June 11, 2017

More garbage

Rambling through the game show Interwebs, I stumbled across Game Show Garbage. I figured this site was defunct, but it still seems to be alive and (mildly) kicking. As you can see from the screenshot, the last update was a while ago, but at least there seem to be some updates going on. They even promise a "brand new layout" sooner or later.

So I've put the site back into the blogroll on the sidebar. I'll need something to replace the Celebrity Name Game Facebook page, sadly. But I'm afraid that my usual complaint about GSG stands. Too often the site pounds on shows that really aren't that bad. Only Game Show Garbage has to live up to its name, so it has to yelp that everything about some mediocre effort is beyond terrible and worthy of a Nuremberg war crimes tribunal.

The site also gets lazy with "video inductions," which are really just amateurish efforts to avoid writing something. Sure enough, the latest update is a video about the 1995 series of Krypton Factor, a U.K. quizzer/stunt show. You can watch an episode from the supposedly horrible 1995 Krypton Factor, and it hardly looks all that godawful to me. But once again, GSG has to yelp that it's beyond terrible and worthy of a Nuremberg...well, you get the idea.

Anyway, as long as Game Show Garbage is doing some updates, even occasionally, I'll keep it in the blogroll.


  1. You're right. Game show Garbage is garbage. The arricles and videos are badly written, and they shoehorn references to prifessional wrestling all the time. The Head honcho of the site graduated from Evergreen State College, which not only has a 98 percent acceptance rate but was also laced with racial controversy in the past few weeks. Have a look:

    1. So using your logic, someone who graduated from Evergreen State College is a bad person.

      Duly noted.