Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Mo' money

The game show Interwebs generally look down their noses at the "mo' money" syndrome.

This means that the grizzled veterans of the game show wars usually don't like it when a show piles on prize money to garner better ratings. To some extent I can understand the objection. If a show's gameplay stinks, jacking up the prize budget isn't going to help much. Some of my favorite game shows, from I've Got a Secret to Cash Cab, played for small stakes.

But if a show has an okay format, doling out a few more bucks isn't necessarily a terrible thing. The reason for all these deep thoughts is news of a possible two-million-plus payout on the upcoming season of The Wall. Sure enough, a teaser shows the large amount (see screenshot). Since this has always been a big money show, the outsized prize doesn't seem so out of place.

Even Wikipedia notes that The Wall is a Plinko ripoff, though they also quote a critic who more or less forgives such borrowings in game shows. At least NBC isn't making a cheap ripoff.


  1. Complaint about the "game show Interwebs". Take a drink.

  2. I was just going to post that.