Friday, June 2, 2017

Looking for love in all the Fox places

Finally got around to the debut episode of Love Connection on the Fox web site.

Being a quizzer and word game kind of guy, these dating game shows aren't necessarily my cup of romantic tea. I still tried to approach the project with an open mind. I did occasionally enjoy the original version, though that was mainly because the half-goofy, half-serious Chuck Woolery was the perfect host for stories of life in the dating lane.

The good news is that new host Andy Cohen is certainly competent and friendly. And there's always the cheesy fun of listening to the daters dish on each other. The first gentleman on the debut ep was a fellow named Bacon. (Yeah, the show made a bunch of painful puns. Which was appropriate enough for the general cheesiness.)

Mr. Bacon's three dates were, in order and according to his and the ladies' accounts, 1) terrible, 2) great and 3) drunken. Young lovely number two (see the screenshot) was his predictable choice for another date. The audience agreed, so the handsome couple walked off with ten grand to enjoy on their romantic rendezvous. Not bad, especially when you recall that Chuck only doled out seventy-five bucks.

Honest admission: I didn't watch the second set of dates on the show because I had pretty well gotten the idea. Fox's version is true enough to the original and it's entertaining enough for those who like a peek at other people's love lives. It's just not a quizzer or a word game. What can I say?


  1. I wasn't interested in Love Connection. Then again, dating shows aren't my thing to watch. I do like Best Shazam though.

  2. I enjoyed Chuck on the couch, and doubt I'll like the 2017 version as much... the classics were always better anyway, we all know that.

    Got a chance to interview a guy for my podcast who was the lucky bachelor who got to choose his date, circa 1988. Great story.