Thursday, June 15, 2017

Lease mania

One of the stranger pastimes on oldies boards like Game Show Forum and Game Show Paradise is The Lease Game.

Maybe we could make a game show of this odd diversion. Guess which episodes of which old game shows are leased by GSN and Buzzr. Really, I doubt that most employees of those two organizations would know (or care about) the details of all their leases of old game shows, but that doesn't stop the speculation on the Interwebs. A typical recent comment on Game Show Paradise: " Is there any mention somewhere when GSN's current lease of Match Game reverts back to the beginning of the cycle (March 1977)? I would think that time is nearing."

This pressing issue is not costing me any sleep, but it's great to know that somebody out there is worried about March, 1977 episodes of Match Game. It would be cruel (but that won't stop me) to note the obvious: GSN just uses the oldies as cheap filler for some throwaway hours on weekday mornings. The oldies leases cost $9.95 before coupons, so I doubt that David Goldhill (or his successor) is sweating bullets over them.

Buzzr probably tracks such leases more closely, though it's strictly internal accounting for the in-house Fremantle oldies. Until Buzzr starts churning out more revenue, they only get limited runs of the shows, anyway. That's why they grind their eps into rerun dust.


  1. "One of the stranger pastimes on oldies boards..." Yet another complaint about other message boards. Drink.

    "GSN just uses the oldies as cheap filler for some throwaway hours on weekday mornings." Something Casey says all the time. Drink.

    "Until Buzzr starts churning out more revenue, they only get limited runs of the shows, anyway." Another common talking point. Drink.

    1. Enjoy the drinks. Just don't drive or operate heavy machinery. Though in your case, that's probably good advice all the time, not just after all the drinks.

    2. Okay, I'll be a little more serious. But the comment from Super AWORio - whoever that is - doesn't even attempt to refute anything I say in the post.

      The oldies boards on the Internet do speculate about leases when they don't know at all what they're talking about. GSN does use the oldies to fill some low-viewership hours (and to sell AARP ads). Buzzr does put their eps through a ferocious rerun grinder.

      The drunk commenter can't dispute any of these obvious facts, so he just gets drunker. That's probably the best the commenter can do.

    3. It's a drinking game based on this train wreck blog. You say the same things over and over.

  2. You seem to be obsessed with other message boards. It's unhealthy.

  3. Lots of silly name-calling like "unhealthy" and "train wreck." But nobody has refuted anything in this post. Which isn't surprising because everything in this post is true.

    The oldies boards are always peddling completely uninformed speculation about GSN's and Buzzr's leases. GSN does use old game shows to fill some throwaway morning hours when the viewers are aged retirees (like me, in fact). Buzzr does grind their shows through ferocious reruns because the diginet doesn't generate enough revenue for Fremantle to give them a lot of eps.

    All this is true. You don't like to hear it? Tough.

    1. How do you know it is true? Do you work for GSN?

      Unless you can provide hard evidence, that is your opinion.

      I agree that you are obsessed with Game Show Forum and others, since you complain about them in most of your posts.

      You also complain about name calling, when you did just that to a commenter above.

  4. Anybody who looks at the GSN schedule knows that the network only uses the oldies to fill a few morning hours on weekdays. Since when do you have to work for GSN to understand that? It's on the freakin' schedule, for crying out loud.

    The idea that I complain about Game Show Forum in "most of my posts" is idiotic, so I'm not surprised to hear it from you. In fact, of the ten posts currently on the front page of the blog, GSF is mentioned in only two of them, and then very briefly and in passing. If anything, Game Show Paradise gets more notice. Though I only mention it in only one of the ten posts on the front page, I do quote a couple sentences from it.

    Anyway, the idea that I'm obsessed with those two boards is a joke. You're obsessed with my fictional obsession.

    As for name calling, this blog's "Legalities and Technicalities" don't prohibit me from responding to nasty personal criticism with a few jabs of my own. If you can't stand the heat, get out of my blog.

  5. Oh, one thing. GSN does use Match Game at 1:00 PM Eastern on weekdays. So in a couple time zones, this oldie is on in the early afternoon, not just the morning. Tiny quibble.

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  7. I'm getting tired of these Shop Til You Drop spams, and I'll start dropping the spamhammer on them.

    Another note: I respond to game show content from all over the Internet. In the ten posts currently on the front page, I mention Vanity Fair, Newsday and TV News Check and game show related material they published.

    Does that mean that I'm "obsessed" with Vanity Fair, Newsday and TV News Check? Of course not. It just means that I read and remark upon a lot of stuff from all over the Interwebs about game shows.

    If people consider that an "obsession," too bad. This is a game show blog. Deal with it.

  8. One more thing about the Shop Til You Drop spams. The GSN schedule for the week of July 3 is out. Needless to say but I'll say it anyway, STYD is nowhere on the schedule.