Thursday, June 1, 2017

Kid stuff

USA Network used to run a lot of old game shows, but they've decided to try a new one.

Big Star Little Star won't give Jeopardy a run for a Peabody Award. It's just a cute little show where parents play G-rated Newlywed Game with their kids. Then in the final round they switch to G-rated Pyramid.

I just watched the debut episode with Todd Chrisley and son Grayson, Marissa Jaret and son Zev, and Chad Johnson and daughter Cha'iel. Everybody was cute and friendly, which is what the show wants to be and mostly succeeds in being. Sometimes the sugar content runs pretty high, but this is a kid show, after all.

Marissa and Zev aced the Pyramid round and won some money for charity. The pace of the show wasn't breakneck, as the parents swapped a bunch of mild jokes. Cat Deeley hosted with a lot of smiles. She smiles very well, if you hadn't noticed.

Zev seemed a little embarrassed when his mother revealed that he sometimes pees in a bottle when they're stuck in traffic. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

UPDATE: The show does okay by USA Network standards, but not great. 940K viewers and a 0.28 18-49 rating.


  1. A G-rated prime time game show? Waaaaaaoooooooow!

  2. Now all they need is a reboot of Quicksilver and have Jamie Petitto host it. Right?