Thursday, June 8, 2017


This is hardly news, but Mike Myers will host ABC's reboot of Gong Show, due June 22.

Except he won't be Mike Myers. Instead, he'll be Tommy Maitland, a fictional but beloved British comedy legend. It's all rather complicated, but ABC apparently decided that plain old Mike Myers was too plain and old for their revival of the Chuck Barris chestnut. Then again, Barris played a fictional CIA spy for years, so maybe the subterfuge is somehow appropriate.

Media reaction has been bemused and amused. Mike Myers Returns to the Spotlight in the Weirdest Way Possible is the Vanity Fair take on the impersonation. The general opinion seems to be that Myers has been gone for so long, he might as well return as somebody else.

Gong Show isn't a real game show, of course. It's just a mostly demented talent contest. But the show got grandfathered into the genre before reality TV made the definition of "game show" much of an issue. So I'll cover it on this blog, though I'm not a big gong fan myself.

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