Monday, June 26, 2017

Facebook fun and games

Call me one on the Neanderthals who has never really gotten Facebook. Oh, I've got a Facebook account because it's often necessary in the online world for commenting on web stories. And I like to comment, as many have noted.

I've also put some Facebook pages in this blog's sidebar because the social media site is just about unavoidable. But I leave the heavy-duty use of Facebook to my daughter, who's a fanatic about the thing.

Still, I may have to get slightly more familiar with Mark Zuckerberg's creation. (He did create it, right? I know there was a legal rumpus with the Winklevoss twins.) As a faux tweet noted, Facebook is getting into the TV business. They'll be creating "TV-quality" - an oxymoron? - shows for the site.

One of them is a game show called Last State Standing, which may be about a new war between the states. Or it might feature a battle between states of consciousness, states of awareness, or states of drowsiness. Looks like I'll have to review it whenever Facebook drops the project on a waiting world.

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