Monday, June 5, 2017

Ben rides again

When Discovery announced plans for a return of Cash Cab minus Ben Bailey, the result was general shock. Not least from Mr. Bailey himself.

Rest easy, Cab aficionados. Discovery has backtracked (or reversed gears) and announced that Ben will return as the wheel-turning host. The only kicker is that other celebs may come along for the ride sometimes, which still sounds a little suspicious. But with Ben around, I figure things can't go too wrong.

Cash Cab was obviously the gig of a lifetime for Ben Bailey, and the rubber-faced cabbie/comic made the most of his opportunity. He was surprisingly bad as the host of NBC's short-lived Who's Still Standing, but he might just have been out of his element on a shiny-floor set. Get him in a taxi and he does just fine.

No word yet on a debut date for the new episodes. I hope the reboot doesn't flop, and it should certainly get some initial sampling from many nostalgic fans.

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