Friday, June 9, 2017

Another greatest list

Newsday has gotten into the game show ranking business.

It's a top twenty-five list, and it leans heavily toward the past. Game Show Forum would approve this selection. There's not a single show that originated in the last ten years. The most recent effort is Deal or No Deal from 2005. I think Cash Cab and The Chase, just to name a couple shows with less dust on them, are better than all but a handful of shows on the list.

64K Question sneaks onto the list, and I'll spare you my usual rant about the rigged shows. A few other entries missed my own top fifty list, like Love Connection, Gong Show and Card Sharks. The first two probably appear only because of the current revivals. The third is a dumbed-down version of acey-deucey - a dumb game to begin with - that somehow retains a following among the older-is-better crowd.

Newsday gives the top slot to Jeopardy, which is an agonizingly respectable choice, hallowed by no less than the Peabody Award people. Of course, the top game show of all time is the 1973-82 Match Game, though the Peabody folks would likely look down their noses at it.

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  1. ABC's game show rerun block on Thursday did well.

    8 pm- Celebrity Feud- 5.4 million
    9 pm- Celebrity Feud- 6.2 million
    10 pm- The $100,000 Pyramid- 4.8 million

    I think both shows will do nice on Sundays.