Monday, June 12, 2017

Another dose of Winsanity

To test the Nielsen waters, GSN just ran a sneak peek of Winsanity's second season.

So what did they add in season two? Another contestant and a beard for host Donald Faison (see screenshot). There was also a notable subtraction: announcer Kira Soltanovich, as Donald does his own announcing on the new season. The result is a faster-paced, more interesting format, with the contestants playing against each other and for their individual cheering sections of the studio audience.

The basic idea remains the same. The players have to rank numerical facts in order, from lowest to highest. As in the first season, the facts are heavy on pop culture and vary widely in their difficulty. I got some and missed some, and the format did hold my attention for the half-hour.

Sad to say, the winner of the front game bombed in the bonus round, getting only two of five facts in their proper order. It would have helped to know how many years Fruit of the Loom has been turning out underwear. It's been a lot of years.

UPDATE: The sneak peek pulls so-so numbers. 282K viewers and a 0.06 18-49 rating. Not so hot, though the demo number is respectable by GSN's geriatric standards.

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