Friday, May 19, 2017

World tour

Sony is going mobile with Jeopardy. They just released Jeopardy World Tour, which lets you play on iOS and Android mobile devices anywhere in the whole wide world.

Sadly, you only get a "shortened version of the traditional Jeopardy experience." But when you're on the go, who has time for an entire half-hour (minus commercials)? Meanwhile, stodgy old me will still just sit in front of the big screen and miss the clues along with ten million other viewers.

Sports Jeopardy has been mobile for a while, according to the linked story. Also, soulmate Wheel of Fortune boasts of no less than a "series of mobile games." You might call it the world series, right?

These games allow players to celebrate their love for each show in between episodes, and they may encourage users to watch more of the original shows, as the series are kept top-of-mind. This sounds like the usual puffery. Though I will say that mobile Alex looks pretty much like the real thing (see screenshot). Maybe they should have a version with the long-lost - and briefly returned - mustache.

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