Saturday, May 27, 2017

Where are they now?

So I'm watching this Match Game '75 ep on Buzzr, and Gene seems entranced by a contestant named Suzanne Gormley. Or at least he likes her dimples. (No, this isn't the "nipples" contestant of blooper fame.) For some reason she seems vaguely familiar to me, too. She says that she's an aspiring show biz performer, so I start to wonder if she's got an IMDb page.

Wouldn't you know, she does...I think. At least there's a page for "Suzanne Gormley" with exactly one (1) credit. Starsky and Hutch in 1977. No way I could have remembered her from that show, even if this is the same Suzanne Gormley. I never watched the cop drama.

There's no doubt that Suzanne had one more ep on Match Game, which YouTube has preserved. It's also her last episode, when the show bids farewell to her and her $8,450 in winnings. (Not a small amount, equal to almost forty grand in today's money.)

A little more Google digging turns up a 2016 Facebook page with Suzanne and her husband, a gentleman named Schlicher. It's definitely Suzanne in the picture (see the screenshot). The dimples don't lie. There are lots of friendly greetings on the page, so Suzanne seems to be doing well. Maybe she should have tried out for ABC's Match Game. She was a pretty good contestant, after all.


  1. Every man on that show, Gene was the worst, made a COMPLETE ass of himself over this girl, it was HILARIOUS. She was absolute perfection in every way!

  2. Suzanne did an episode of Starsky and hutch in 1975 and yes she was so cute

  3. She did an episode of Starsky and Hutch but that's all I could find for her.