Wednesday, May 3, 2017

This is news?

Okay, I guess it is news. Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy will continue through the 2019-20 season with their current hosts in place.

Not that there was ever any doubt about the shows getting renewed. As Sony likes to remind us, they both draw audiences of around ten million. That's a big number in today's zillion-channel universe. And if you don't take Nielsen's add-'em-up syndie method very seriously, Wheel is the top-rated game show on TV. (Family Feud gets to add up its two or four or whatever daily runs to make its number.) The one uncertainty about the shows was whether Alex Trebek would return for more years of answers and questions.

Alex is getting close to the big eight-oh, after all, and his last contract renewal set off alarums and excursions about a possible retirement. Things look to have gone more smoothly this time. Mr. Trebek will be reading the clues into the year 2020.

The one syndie game show that seems to live year by year is Millionaire, and it's safe through at least one more season starting in fall, 2017. We all know the sad fate of Celebrity Name Game, unfortunately.


  1. Family Feud might become the new top game show in syndication because of those 60+ runs it has every day. If Sony wants to make sure Wheel returns to #1, might as well add a second run. Jep! has one. I'm pretty sure Feud has an extension until 2020 as well. I just wonder if Feud's ratings will stay high the next couple of years.

    1. What about Price is Right and Let's Make a Deal?