Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Tale of two acquisitions

One of GSN's goals for lo these many years is to find another Harvey Feud. Which means a show that can shoulder much of the prime time burden and churn out consistently good ratings. The network recently acquired two possible candidates for the job: Cash Cab and Hollywood Game Night.

Some early returns are in, and neither show looks like a match for Steve when it comes to grabbing the Nielsen Company's attention. But Cash Cab seems to be performing significantly better than Hollywood Game Night. Ben and his passengers averaged 287K viewers in prime time on Saturday May 6. Jane and her celeb buddies could only draw 203K viewers in prime time on Sunday May 7.

From what I can tell, these are pretty typical numbers for the shows on our little game show network. I'm tempted to say that Ben Bailey is more appealing to GSN's viewers than Jane Lynch, and Cash Cab's questions are more varied than Hollywood Game Night's constant pop culture queries. And maybe I'm right. Or maybe there's some other explanation.

Anyway, GSN's hunt for the next Harvey Feud goes on.

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