Sunday, May 7, 2017

Second wall

The Wall, the most successful of the winter game shows on broadcast TV, returns tomorrow for its twenty-ep second season.

Everybody (including me) says the show is a Plinko ripoff, and everybody (including me) is right. The show has also spawned a few unintentionally funny deep-think pieces about what it means for American culture, or some such nonsense. But The Wall does jazz up the gameplay with enough twists and turns to keep the viewers tuning in.

The linked story describes the contestants on the second season debut. They're the usual nice people who the show loves to reward with fleeting fame and a chance at fortune. Sour critics have dumped on The Wall for such "deserving" contestants. Maybe the critics want undeserving rats playing the game.

It all begins again tomorrow at 10:00 PM Eastern. Watch the bouncing balls.


  1. Eh, critics don't really know anything, and nobody cares what they think anyway.

    The Wall is a great show!

    1. The Wall's ratings have proven that Million Dollar primetime game shows CAN still perform well in today's society, contrary to what the people at BuzzerBlog think.

  2. "Everybody (including me) says the show is a Plinko ripoff, and everybody (including me) is right." And Plinko is a ripoff of Pachinko. And Face the Nation is a ripoff of Meet the Press. And football is a ripoff of rugby. And . . .