Sunday, May 14, 2017


Like any critic I have to fight against prejudging shows before I watch them.

Usually I win the fight, sometimes I don't. Readers of this blog know that I had probably made up my mind in advance of seeing the SSSniperWolf effort Clickbait on Fullscreen, for instance. Sure enough, I gave the show a sour review after I had actually been exposed to its toxins.

So I really shouldn't throw too many stones at a web site called Vocativ - no, I had never heard of it, either - when they trash Jamie Foxx's upcoming Beat Shazam sight unseen. My guess is they don't like Foxx himself for some reason, so they snark their way through comments like: "Jamie Foxx will host the show with a $1 million jackpot, and we have so many questions, starting with 'why?'"

Well, why not? The show might be entertaining, after all. I have a question or two for Vocativ, like "why don't you wait to see if Beat Shazam is any good?" But this is a site that runs stories about pregnancy porn, so I don't expect much of an answer.

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