Monday, May 15, 2017

Prejudge, again

No sooner do I post my grumpy lecture about not prejudging game shows, then another writer has done it again.

This time the prejudgment comes from Fansided, which at least is a web site I've heard about. A writer named Cheryl Wassenaar - never heard of her, but she's never heard of me, either - dumps on CBS's upcoming Candy Crush sight unseen. But she has watched the promo, and that's enough to tell her the show will really stink. This Week in Bad Pop Culture Ideas: Candy Crush on TV.

Of course, she doesn't really know if it's going to be such a bad idea or not. Still, based on a few seconds of footage from the game, she decides: "It just doesn't seem like it'd be fun to watch other than shouting and asking the contestants why they did not see the move that was clearly the best option." The obvious question is: why don't you wait to watch the show before deciding whether it's fun or not? Is it necessary to get snarky and condescending before the show even debuts? There will be plenty of time for snark and condescension after we've all seen Candy Crush.

The writer does admit that the show might somehow be entertaining. She was wrong about the Angry Birds movie, after all.


  1. I'm not joking about this. Someone started a petition to boycott Family Feud's Steve Harvey because of a memo he sent to his talk show staff. Saw this online.

  2. Saw this. To Tell The Truth will be airing on Sunday nights this fall after AFV.