Wednesday, May 17, 2017

No joke

This is not an Onion spoof. Snoop Dogg will host a rewind of Joker's Wild on TBS.

To be fair, the Snoopster has shown up on game shows before, most notably The Price is Right (see screenshot). But as a TBS exec says: "When you hear the words 'game show host,' Snoop Dogg probably isn't the first name to pop into your head." Well, no, but Drew Carey wasn't necessarily the first name, either, and he's done okay on TPiR.

The linked story makes it sound like the reboot won't be too close a copy of the hoary original. The new version "will feature giant dice, playing cards, streetwise questions and problem solving." Yeah, but will the joker show up? I hope so.

TBS has tried a few original game shows in recent years, with little success. They probably looked at the ABC reboots and figured that a tried and true format might be the best idea. The linked story has the obligatory reference to Jack Barry and the rigging scandals. At least Snoop won't have to worry about that issue.


  1. With Snoop appearing on Price, Celebrity Feud, and Pyramid, I figured at some point he would land his own game show. Hopefully this succeeds because all of TBS's other game shows, which were original ideas and not a remake have bombed. Who knows maybe one day, Kanye West will host a reboot of Card Sharks. I'm being sarcastic of course. Love Snoop and hopes it all goes well for him.