Thursday, May 4, 2017

Nationally lampooned

Ran across an article on Google News that has next to nothing to do with game shows. But one sentence does bring back a few memories.

Lampoon briefly produced a comedy game show called National Lampoon's Funny Money for the Game Show Network. Believe it or not, some debris from that doomed game show is still floating on YouTube, where I got the screenshot.

The linked article then dawdles along to the many other disasters that have befallen the National Lampoon brand over the past couple decades, including two prison sentences, various financial meltdowns, and Kato Kaelin (remember him?) But that little game show did its own part in sinking the ship.

Theoretically, the show wasn't such a bad idea. But theoretically, the Titanic would dodge the icebergs. Funny Money gave comics a chance to do their stuff, and then combined the (hopeful) laughs with a goofy quizzer involving a couple of civvie contestants.

There were just a few problems: the comics generally weren't very comical, and the quizzer was pretty dumb. Host Jimmy Pardo did all he could, but so did the Titanic's captain. The show slipped below the waves almost faster than the boat. National Lampoon went onto bigger and better flops.

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