Saturday, May 20, 2017

Load up on charisma

Done it a few times before, so I just decided to write about the most recent game show item I ran across in Google News.

At least the title was interesting. Charisma lands local family on Feud. Maybe the show has installed charisma detectors and this bunch set them off big time. They're the Griffin family from St. Joseph, MO, and they're "kind of a thing." Turns out they were the right thing for Family Feud.

The Griffins went through the usual cattle call audition. Over two thousand families turned out for the round-up in Kansas City, and they got winnowed down to about 600 in the first cut. A mere 19 actually made it to a taping.

The biggest challenge? "Figure out which personalities were the biggest and which ones were the best and which ones were made for TV...and not too hot for television." I dunno, Feud likes it hot. I think that last remark was ironic (wink).

The family hints that they did pretty well on the show. Especially with the answer about the "construction worker and lipstick on his tools."

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