Friday, May 12, 2017

I listened to an entire podcast!

Checked Game Show Forum for the first time in a long time.

Someone had posted a link to his podcast about game shows. So I decided to do something that very few people can claim: sit through a whole podcast. Turns out that it was number eleven in the series. So far it's gotten 128 views on YouTube. The unwashed masses haven't exactly been flocking to it.

The audio was extremely poor and the video wasn't much better. The podcasters chewed over various items that you've seen on this blog and elsewhere on the game show Interwebs. These guys had been googling game shows just like me.

They chatted about Judge Judy's game show, the fictional host of the Gong Show revival, the Daytime Emmys for game shows, Celebrity Family Feud's contestant list, etc. There was even a (negative) shout-out to Zach Horan somewhere in there. The podcast did have a Game Show Newsnet moment when it wandered onto the American Idol rewind, but by and large it stuck to the genre.

The #1 super biggie, astronomically most important topic, though, was the succession at GSN. With David Goldhill departing, the pundits palavered about the future of the network. Various ideas got tossed out, none of which seemed all that relevant to me. Interactive game shows? They've already got an extensive online gaming operation. Too much Harvey Feud? Guys, most of the network's lineup is not Harvey Feud. Check the flipping schedule if you don't believe me. They didn't even seem to know that Baggage, Catch 21 and Mike Richards' Pyramid are still on GSN, albeit in reruns.

More of this and that went by, but nobody really said anything that caught my attention as a brilliant forecast of the network's future. But you can listen for yourselves and decide. The little girl (see the screenshot) had a lot of fun.

SLIGHTLY RELATED UPDATE: Happened to watch a May, 1992 ep of Johnny Carson's Tonight Show last night. In his monologue Johnny mentioned plans to create an all-game-show cable network. He couldn't wait to satisfy his Wink Martindale craving at 2:00 AM.


  1. Zach Horan had some recognition when he was a contestant on one of the original Summer 1999 episodes of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire". He never made it past the Fastest Finger Question.

    He also took the ZHIFOS acronym as a compliment on ATGS, after the late Randy Amasia came up with it in August 2000 .(I believe that was who came up with it.)

  2. Casey should know that references to me are going to be about me being a troll and negative at least to some degree.

  3. The also deceased Dave Zinkin coined ZHIFOS.

  4. Family CHannel and Pat Robertson also attempted to do a Game Show channel in the early 90s but it never happened. Jackpot(USA version), DOuble Talk, Face the Music, LAnge Name that Tune, and 1986 Crosswits were among the shows that would have aired on it. Face the Music, Tune, LMAD, 1987 SPlit Second, and Crosswits 1986 did later end up on Family Channel along with the WInk Martindale Trivial Pursuit and other interactive games in their 1993-95 afternoon block.

  5. A little more on my Johnny Carson update. The Tonight Show episode with the comment about a game show network dates from May 8, 1992, just a couple weeks before Carson retired and more or less vanished from the face of the earth. According to Wikipedia (usual caveats)...

    On May 7, 1992, Sony Pictures Entertainment joined forces with the United Video Satellite Group to launch Game Show Channel, which was set to launch in 1993. The announcement of the channel was made by SPE president Mel Harris. Sony Pictures' holdings included those by Merv Griffin Enterprises and Barris Industries, Inc. SPE was in competition with The Family Channel in launching a game show-oriented channel when The Family Channel announced the launch of its own service called Game Channel.

    As it turned out, Sony didn't launch GSN until December, 1994. By then Carson was long gone.