Monday, May 1, 2017

Everybody wants to produce

The news that Judge Judy, of all people, is producing a new game show got me thinking. Dangerous, I know.

Seems that everybody believes they can produce the next game show classic. Or at least a show that will survive to a second season. To give her credit, Judge Judy is teaming with Scott St. John, a very experienced producer with shows like Deal or No Deal and Celebrity Name Game on his resume.

Jimmy Kimmel tried to make his big fan segments into a game show, and the Nielsen Company was unimpressed. (I didn't mind the show myself, but I don't have a Nielsen people meter in my house.) As I wrote a few days ago, the newest try on Comedy Central, Taskmaster, will have no fewer than twelve showrunners. They can share the blame (or credit) for the show's fate.

In Producers on Producing the ultimate game show maven Mark Goodson reflected: "It is strange in a way to have dedicated most of your adult career to such a special corner of the show business world." Game shows are a highly specialized breed, and not everybody - in fact, very few - can get them right. We'll see if Judge Judy has the knack.

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