Sunday, May 21, 2017

Dishing up Buzzr

Oldies diginet Buzzr has taken a big step forward: a deal with Dish satellite service.

Subscribers can now watch Buzzr on channel 245. The most recent estimate I saw for the diginet's actual household reach was 33 million from Fremantle veep Jennifer Mullin last October. With the Dish deal - couldn't resist the alliteration - Buzzr has upped its reach toward the magic 50 million mark.

The linked Facebook post speculates that Buzzr doesn't get any per-subscriber money from Dish. This seems likely because Buzzr is such a narrow niche network. The extra households are no doubt worth plenty to Fremantle.

Maybe I'm just imagining it, but the ads on Buzzr seem to be getting a bit more mainstream. This could mean that more advertisers are willing to look at the diginet, at least those who don't mind an obvious old skew in the audience. Infomercials have also come to Buzzr, so I assume that it's starting to generate a few more bucks for Fremantle.


  1. We're happy for ya, Bummr, but at much as I like dabbling in nostalgia, I can't do it on a regular basis when you keep Match Game out of your prime time schedule. Unfortunately I work for a living and can't watch it during the hours it is broadcast. And even if I could, I'd tire of the same several weeks of episodes playing over and over. That Sunday night fiasco they have going is icing on the cake.

  2. I don't believe it. I have Dish and ever since Buzzr came out, I've been wondering if I'd ever get to see the channel, and now I can finally watch it! Despite the repeats of episodes that everyone is talking about, for someone like me who hasn't had the channel until now, I'm glad Dish picked it up!

    1. Me too. I was very excited to read about this over at the SatelliteGuys forum. I love that they don't edit out fee plugs or crunch credits so we get to see all those gloriously chintzy consolation prizes!

  3. Hopefully they can get on DirectTv and DirectTVNow.