Thursday, May 11, 2017

Click this bait?

A while back I noted a new online game show called Clickbait from pay site Fullscreen.

I've seen enough cheap and sleazy online game shows for several lifetimes. But this is a full-service game show blog, so I did my duty and signed up for a free trial on Fullscreen. And then I watched the debut episode of the thing called Clickbait.

It was pretty awful but it was designed to be pretty awful. Three contestants competed in gross and/or painful stunts. Feminists will be unhappy that the female contestant was the wimpiest. For instance, she could only bring herself to touch the electrified miniature truck once. Come on, girl, show some courage.

The wimpy girl should have gone to the chair of shame at the end of the show, but she got out of it by sucking up (not literally) to the winner. Instead, the other male contestant got the chair and had some band-aids pulled off him. A great moment in game show history.

It's ridiculous to complain about the show's stupidity because that's a feature, not a bug. SSSniperWolf a.k.a. Lia Valentine a.k.a. Alia Shelesh a.k.a. Whetever the Hey hosted in a surprisingly amateurish manner. But maybe she was trying to be amateurish, to contribute to the general cheapness and silliness.

One good thing. The show only lasted ten minutes. Then I cancelled my free trial on Fullscreen.


  1. So I take it this show makes the H-bomb look like a two-inch salute? :D

    Sorry, couldn't resist.

  2. Guess Sqrambled Scuares is the only free thing about it on YouTube and it clocks in at exactly a half an hour than this mess on Fullscreen.