Saturday, May 6, 2017

Brief note

With nothing better to do, I hit the random page button on U.S. Game Shows Wiki.

The resulting entry couldn't have been shorter or more to the point. Faux Pause: A short-lived series that was essentially Mystery Science Theater 3000 for game shows. The entry noted that the show ran on GSN in 1998-99 and the hosts were Mary Gallagher and Sean Donnellan.

And that was all, folks. Not that there's much more to say. YouTube has performed an invaluable service to humanity by saving a few bits and pieces of Faux Pause, including a clip reel courtesy of Mary Gallagher herself. (She's also got a YouTube channel of her own.)

The effort reeked of Michael Fleming - not literally because for all I know, the gentleman smells quite nice - in its cheapness and clunking unfunniness. But this was back when GSN was available in maybe three dozen households and the network was worth maybe three dozen pesos. At least Faux Pause was better than Extreme Gong, if not by much.


  1. That was fun. Thx. Just when I think "I must have seen everything old school game show. Thanks for posting it.

  2. i c dat hat putato iz shown in thu skreenkap. how wuz hat putato plaed? did bil kulin tos a putato at thu kuntestints? tat wud b a funi.

  3. There Was Something that was Like the Kids Version of Faux Pause.

    It Was Hosted by Adrian R'Mante & a CGI GSN Green Ball.

    1. That was the post-"Dark Period" version of Kids Zone, which showed at least "Joker Joker Joker" and the 1971-72/1982-84 versions of "Juvenile Jury".