Thursday, May 25, 2017

Blotto about Plinko

With nothing better to do, the Internet likes to go nuts about record wins on game shows.

Considering some of the other stuff that inspires insanity on the net, maybe that's not such a bad thing. Today The Price is Right gave the net nerds something to get really goofy about. Ryan Belz of Millerton, PA set the new record on Plinko, landing three of his chips in the top slot on his way to $31,500. Ryan went suitably crazy, as did the studio audience and various tweeters.

It's not the cash amount, which is rather modest compared to many, many game show hauls over the years. Instead, as several have intoned, it's the game itself that counts. Plinko has already spawned a high-tech (and high-payout) knockoff in The Wall. So it's nice that the time-honored favorite has produced its biggest winner yet.

Various web pundits have weighed in, with one calling Ryan the "God of Plinko." He's a very happy Plinko player, no doubt.

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