Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Two guys on game shows

A couple interviews with game show hosts - one current, one future - cropped up in Google News.

We'll take the current guy first. Ben Gleib has now run GSN's Idiotest through a couple hundred eps. That's more than most people (including me) would have predicted. He tells Inquisitr: "Somehow, in the midst of an intellectually challenging brain teasing show, I get to go nuts and use it as a comedic playground. I love it." He also likes the contestants to be nervous, because it makes for good TV. He ensures they get more nervous with large doses of host sarcasm.

One cautionary note. Ben says he wants to host a late night talk show. Just what we need, another yakfest. Don't do it, Ben.

Meanwhile, Jamie Foxx sounds like a party guy in his interview with Billboard about Fox's upcoming Beat Shazam. He does not talk about making the contestants nervous, though he doesn't mind dancing in the audience. He also thinks he could beat the music app that inspired the show.

He then name drops a game show host he admires: "Richie Dawson." Richie?


  1. I guess "Richie" is another way you said Richard or something like that.

    1. It would have been more proper to call him "Sir Veisaid".

    2. I've heard him called "Richard Dawson" or "Dickie Dawson." But "Richie Dawson" is a first for me.

  2. The music on Beat Shazam will probably be most or all 21st century music, younger demos and all