Thursday, April 27, 2017


Something of a surprise: David Goldhill is stepping down as CEO of our little game show network GSN.

Goldhill was only the third chief exec in GSN's more than twenty-year history. As the linked story notes, he oversaw GSN's most prosperous times, leading to the network's most watched and highest rated year in 2015. The following year was almost as good, so it doesn't look like Goldhill is getting pushed out.

After Michael Fleming was shown the door in 2001, Rich Cronin took over GSN and managed to steer the once dicey network to profitability. Goldhill started his reign in 2007, and the sailing was not too smooth at first. GSN finally started churning out better numbers on both the ratings charts and the financial books, and Goldhill seemed safe in his job.

But nothing lasts forever (clunking cliche alert) and Goldhill has decided to move on. Co-owners Sony and AT&T will start looking for a new chief exec to run both the TV and gaming operations.


  1. I'm still terrified of the thought of a possible buyout of Sony from CBS, and the possibility of never seeing $25,000 Pyramid reruns ever again.

    1. Huh? I have no idea what you're talking about. There have been vague rumors about CBS buying Sony's TV and movie operations. Even if it happens - which I doubt - how would it make any difference to Pyramid reruns? CBS would probably not throw the tapes into a river.

      Weren't you the guy who fell for the idiotic rumor about Toddlers and Tiaras on GSN? Maybe you need a chill pill or four.

    2. Casey, I meant keeping them locked up for good in a vault, gathering dust.

      And Casey, you know me. I always expect the worst.

    3. And why would they? Current Pyramid doesn't run on CBS, it runs on ABC. Even if they were to buy Sony, it really wouldn't make much difference as far as $25k/$100k reruns go. I mean, current LMAD airs on CBS, yet the Monty Hall reruns still run on Buzzr.

  2. There's no sense to the comment about Pyramid. Just laugh it off. Like I said, he fell for the hilarious rumor about Toddlers and Tiaras.