Sunday, April 2, 2017

Todd steps in

A while back I posted an entry about Jerry Springer on The Price is Right's live show.

Maybe I jinxed the poor guy. Now comes word that "a bad case of the flu" has knocked Jerry out of his scheduled TPiR show in Orlando, FL today. Get well soon, Mr. Springer. His replacement is Todd Newton, who has done the live show a zillion times himself. Todd is a familiar game show host, of course, with credits ranging from Whammy to Family Game Night to Monopoly Millionaires Club.

Todd is notoriously competent and can handle any game show format. In fact, the knock on him has always been that he's a little too competent, a little too slick. Roger Dobkowitz, famously former producer of The Price is Right's studio show, says that's why Todd failed to get the host gig after Bob Barker retired.

My favorite Todd Newton moment is when he played the unctuous game show announcer on the April Fools Lingo ep. You could tell he was loving every minute.

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