Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The kids are alright

Yes, the Who reference in this entry's title dates me horrendously.

The song is more than a half-century old, and it's still not as ancient as grumpy moi. But the title is apropos because legions of cute children are descending on our little genre. Nickelodeon has already mined Nielsen gold with Paradise Run, and Millionaire is plowing through its umpteenth Whiz Kids week. ABC has announced the upcoming Child Support, and NBC will roll out Genius Junior.

As a faux tweet noted, USA Network will join the kiddie crusade with Big Star Little Star, debuting May 31. A stateside reboot of the U.K. format, the show will appropriately feature Cat Deeley as the host. She's English, after all, and she recently added a little star of her own.

From the trailer in the linked story, the show borrows from Newlywed Game, Pyramid, and God knows what else. Celeb parents play games with their photogenic young'uns, and the money goes to charity. The kids will no doubt steal most of the audience's attention, as W.C. Fields could have predicted (another reference that dates me badly.)

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