Thursday, April 20, 2017


A faux tweet noted that Comedy Central will try a stateside version of the Brit format Taskmaster.

It's pretty much a comedic Beat the Clock, with funny (we hope) people trying funny (we hope) stunts. There's some YouTube debris from the British original if you want to get a taste of the hopeful funniness. The host will be Reggie Watts of the electrified hair and James Corden's late night show.

An honestly funny note from the linked story: the show will have nine, count 'em, nine executive producers, plus three more Executives in Charge of Production - an august title, no doubt - from Comedy Central. That makes twelve poobahs bossing around the underlings. I never knew that silly little stunts required so much high-powered supervision.

No debut date yet. Maybe the twelve showrunners haven't agreed on one.


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  2. Nobody better than Reggie F****g Watts to host the show? It's only CC, I know. I'm guessing they needed to pay scale for the gig.