Saturday, April 15, 2017

Some things are more important

Even a game show with a Peabody award is still just a game show. There are some things a lot more important than Jeopardy.

Pat Greiner, a contestant from Caspar, WY who ended up winning $16,800 on the show, had more important things on her mind when she got the call for her Jeopardy taping. Her husband was set to have a lung transplant at about the same time.

Things worked out okay. The operation could be delayed without danger for a few days so she could go to L.A. for the show. And she got some help from a friend. Pat explains...

When it came right down to it, there was no question in my mind. One is my husband's life, the other one is a game show. The game show was out the window if there was any question. As it turned out, he recovered quickly, I had a friend who could step in and help take care of him, and the doctors actually encouraged me to go. They said it's good to get away for a little bit if you have someone you trust to step in and take care of him.

All's well that ends well, but sometimes real life intrudes on a little answer-and-question game.

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