Saturday, April 1, 2017

Smart kids again

Not to be outdone by ABC's Child Support, NBC will unveil their own smart chillun on Genius Junior.

Hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, the show will feature teams of brainy kids competing in "spelling, mathematics and memory, among many other subjects." Memory is a subject? I thought it was more of an ability, but I'm quibbling. Anyway, Harris also hosted the short-lived Best Time Ever, which offered some game show segments. So he's not exactly new to our little genre.

As the linked story says, the new show "bares [sic] striking similarity to the scrapped Fox game show Our Little Genius." You might remember why that quizzer never made it to air. Showrunner Mark Burnett apparently found out that some of the little geniuses were getting a little help under the table. This prompted several sites, including this blog, to dust off the iconic Time portrait of Charles Van Doren (of 1950s rigging notoriety.)

This new effort probably won't suffer a similar fate, if the S&P people can help it. The first (and NBC hopes not the last) season will run for ten eps. No word yet on a debut date.

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