Friday, April 28, 2017

One way of looking at game shows

An automotive site has its own angle on game shows.

The linked story grinds its gears through seven "car-themed" game shows. It's a stretch to include The Price is Right, but the show does hand out a lot of automobiles. So does Let's Make a Deal, which could have made the list by the TPiR logic.

Cash Cab gets on the list, too. Well, the game did happen in a taxi. Shotgun was another variant of the game-on-wheels format. Contestants had to answer questions while professional drivers were steering them around a speedway at alarming velocity.

Pass Time was the closest approach to a truly car-centric show. The players had to predict on-set drag race times. Rounding out the list are three non-U.S. shows, which I never saw and really can't comment on. The Canadian children's show Kidstreet does sound like a cute format, though.

Needless to say but I'll say it anyway, a NEW CAR has always been the dream prize on game shows. There's just something about that new car smell.