Monday, April 24, 2017

More kids

Naman Shah looks like the ultimate nerd kid.

This is not a criticism, not at all. Naman just won twenty grand on Millionaire's kids week, so nerdiness literally pays off. The linked story details how Naman is the complete smart child package, right down to the impressive SAT scores. (Just for completeness, the story gives the scores on both the old and new scoring systems.)

Naman is also a member of every smart kid organization in the country, and has the predictably proud parents. His father served as his plus one lifeline on Millionaire, and helped on a question about parathogenesis. Which is something we should all know about, right?

Kids are all the rage in game shows lately, as I blogged a while back. But if our little genre gives a bit of fame and fortune to smart youngsters, that's not so terrible.

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