Sunday, April 30, 2017

Labor of oldies love

An older-is-better poster on Game Show Paradise has been extracting episode number and original air date information from the source code for Buzzr's online schedule.

He's listed all the info for every show on the oldies diginet from July 22, 2015 through (currently) May 28, 2017. It's a huge file but it has all you could possibly want to know about Buzzr shows, almost from the diginet's inception.

Talk about a labor of love. Though I hope he's created macros that chew through the source code and update the file automatically. It's almost scary to think of someone so obsessive that he would create and maintain such a file by hand.

As you might expect, the file shows how often Buzzr reruns episodes. Match Game 78 ep #1145 has run no fewer than 32 times in less than two years, for example. The game show Interwebs have now and then slammed the diginet for such rerun abuse. Of course, they're far less harsh on the oldies subchannel than on GSN.

The strangest entries are the non-game kid shows on weekends. (Animal Outtakes and Walking Wild, for instance.) The FCC requires such odd programming because Buzzr uses the sacred airwaves.

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