Friday, April 7, 2017

Jeopardy bar

There have always been sports bars. Now we've got a Jeopardy bar in Wikes-Barre, PA. It's called Elmer Sudds (golly, a worse pun than my own.) The linked story tells how it happened...

The game show has become a daily staple at the Northampton Street establishment. Bar owner John Yencha said the ritual came from a former bar patron, Klaus Lietz, who died last year. Lietz loved trivia, bartender Melanie Socash said.

Trivia love is what Jeopardy is all about. The tavern was particularly interested in Wilkes-Barre native Abigail Myers, who copped forty-one grand from a three-day run this week. She eventually lost when she nailed the clue but bet too little in Final Jeopardy, which is a tough way to lose.

Bar patron Susan Socash says she has tried out for Jeopardy herself. "'Some nights I could win,' she said, touting her knowledge of literature and Spanish questions." You've got to have a little attitude to win on the venerable quizzer, after all.

In case you want to know, Abigail Myers got seventy-one right and six wrong on Jeopardy. A pretty good ratio.

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