Sunday, April 23, 2017

Hostess with the mostest

A faux tweet noted that YouTube person SSSniperWolf will host an online game show called Clickbait for pay site Fullscreen. The teaser video in the linked story makes Clickbait look like the usual cheap, silly online game show. Which doesn't mean it will be bad, just silly and cheap. Much like me, in fact.

Turns out that the host might be more intriguing than the show. Video game maven SSSniperWolf (the SS stands for "super sexy," not the Nazi secret police) has a checkered past, to put it in very mildly checkered terms. She's gone through a name change, bouts with the law, gazillions of booty-shaking YouTube videos, and at least one bad boy lover. All this heavy traffic, plus a most pleasant appearance, has earned her millions and millions of YouTube subscribers.

It's also garnered her some highly catty criticism, especially from her fellow female gamers. This take-no-prisoners video trashes her every which way, for people who like their polemics scalding hot. There's a quote about no such thing as bad publicity, so Fullscreen probably appreciates such efforts.

Good luck with the show, Lia. Or Alia. Or Wolfie or whatever.

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